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Computing the M-polynomials for 2D-Lattice, Nanotube and Nanotorus by operating the semi-total line and point graphs via degree-based indices

V. Lokesha, T. Deepika, I.N. Cangül
Keywords: Topological indices, M-polynomials, 2D-lattice, nanotube, nan￾otorus, semi-total line operator
The discovery of new nanomaterials adds new dimensions to industry, electronics, pharmaceutical and biological therapeutics. In this article, authors encountered the closed forms of M-polynomials of nanostructures such as 2D-lattice, nanotube and nanotorus of T UC4C8[p, q] for some degree-based topological indices. These indices are numerical tendencies that often depict quantitative structural activity/property/toxicity/etc. relationships and correlate certain physico-chemical properties, such as boiling point, stability, and strain energy of the respective nanomaterial.


Tamap Journal of Mathematics and Statistics



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