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The Chemical Abundances and the Metal Enrichment in the Universe

E. Nihal Ercan, Cemile Ezer, Kazım Çamlıbel, Murat Hüdaverdi
Keywords: chemical enrichment: supernova, galaxies, clusters
There are two different theoretical scenarios in the literature on chemical enrichment and metal synthesis of the Universe: (i) early-time and (ii) late-time. The first scenario suggests that elements are produced before the galaxies gravitationally cluster. The second enrichment mechanism claims that dynamical turbulences of galaxy merger trigger production mechanisms. The chemical elements are therefore synthesized after aggregation of galaxies. The fundamental processes for metal production are the supernova explosions. It is still not clear and there is still an on-going debate whether gravitational clustering of the structure trigger supernova activities and thus the chemical enrichment, or supress the metal production. In this review paper, we present the current situation and provide further insights into the subject.


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