5D BIM Based Construction Quality Lifecycle Inspection Model

Sarmad Faraj Ismael, Zeynep IŞIK

Keywords: 3D, 4D &5D, BIM for quality management, Management of building information models, International BIM developments, building life cycle (LC) and Inspection plan with 5D Model

Abstract: BIM procedures are built up for new structures. Therefore, there is little concern about old structures, revamped or deconstructed with BIM yet scientists and researchers encouraged to engage in the application of modeling built on the former buildings and to discover the benefits it is possible to obtain a result. This paper introduces a survey of BIM and the effects for utilizing 5D BIM on project implementation. Results demonstrate rare BIM usage for building, because of difficulties of (1) high demonstrating/change exertion from caught incorporating information (2) upgrading of data in BIM and (3) treatment of unverifiable information, articles and relations in BIM happening in existing structures. Development industry experts will reflect, with the advantage of the knowledge of the past, on the procedure changes that will have happened by future. They will have probably found it differ faction to recognize definitively between such influences as BIM, incline development, and execution - driven configuration.

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