Long-Term X-Ray Variable Source J141648.7+522558 at Groth-Westphal Field

Nergis CESUR

Keywords: High energy astrophysics: galaxies: active, X-rays: galaxies

Abstract: We analyzed X-ray archival data of J141648.7+522558 from Groth-Westphal Field, observed with X-ray telescopes of XMM-Newton and Chandra at nine different observations, with an emphasis on investigating the long-term flux and spectral variability of the source. We selected a southern nearby source with a 30-arcsec separation, J141649.4+522531, in an attempt to compare the fluxes and determination of any detector deficiency through its consistency. Both X-ray sources seem to have bright elliptical counterparts coinciding at their X-ray peak. By comparing the fluxes, the southern source J141649.4+522531 is observed to have a steady emission and a consistent flux value of about FX = 10.04±0.99×10-14 erg cm−2 s−1 and a luminosity value of about LX=27.37±1.30×1044 erg s−1 (at z=2.35) at nine epochs during 2000-2014. On the other hand, J141648.7+522558 has an emission of a flux value of about FX = 3.61±0.53×10-14 erg cm−2 s−1 in the year 2000, but very faint in 2002, 2005 and 2014 observations by Chandra. The nature of this flux variability and the underlying physics is discussed by considering possible mechanisms to affect the emission dramatically.

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