Monitoring Method Analysis for Effective Measure of Wooden Architectural Heritage

A. Dai Whan,K. Hwan Chol,Y. Hyun Woo,K. Dong Yeol,Ha Na Lee

Keywords: Wooden architecture, Cultural Heritage, Displacement, Monitoring method

Abstract: Introduction: Methods for monitoring cultural heritages are getting more efficient and scientific with the development of technology and equipment. Thus, the monitoring methods currently experienced in Korea need to be examined from various aspects. In this study, monitoring method by 3D scan are compared with the method using total station and automatic measurement. Developments: Among the East Asian wooden buildings, which are climate-sensitive such as change of temperature and humidity, the Geugnakbojeon of Muwi-sa Temple in Gangjin and the Jongmyo Jeongjeon in Seoul had been monitored. The advantage and disadvantage of each monitoring method were investigated by comparing the displacement measuring method and by analyzing the measurement cycle. Through this process, we propose an efficient displacement measuring method and a cycle with three of each measuring instruments. Remarks and Conclusion: Wooden cultural heritage should be monitored by using appropriate equipments depending on the importance of building and need for identifying periodic displacement. In this study, measurement trends of 3D scan and total station are similar, but 3D scan data analysis resuls in matching error can be occured. Follow-up research is necessary to overcome the limit to suggest a specific measurement since the period of this study was too brief and objects were limited into few buildings.

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