On The Solar Coronal Heat Problem

Mohamad Jamil M. ASAAD,Sakar N. SUBHAN,Darya I. AZEEZ

Keywords: Solar corona, Coronal heat, Nano-flare, Alfven wave

Abstract: The solar corona is the outer atmosphere of the sun and the temperature reaches above 10 MK. It is 200 times higher than its underlying layer, which obviously challenges the second law of thermodynamic. Although the source of the extra heating is originated in the magnetic field of the sun, the mechanism of the extra heating has been remained as a mystery for several decades. AC and DC heating are the two main mechanisms of energy dissipation in the corona. Advanced studies found that Alfven waves (related to AC heating) infiltrated through the solar prominences could in fact solve the coronal heating problems, but in active region. Nonetheless, more works are required to confirm this issue. New recent studies have covered most part of this kind of heating, and thus we will make a review on their latest articles to give adequate information to future researches.

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