Taking the Advancement of Sustainable Smart Cities (SCs) Seriously: The Implications of Emerging Technologies

Mohammed Agbali ,Yusuf Arayici,Claudia Trillo

Keywords: Smart City Evolution Big Data Emerging Technologies Smart City Architectures Innovation Real-time Monitoring Sustainability

Abstract: The concept of the Smart City (SC) is currently drawing widespread attention in both theory and practice thus stimulating serious academic discourse especially on the applicability of the concept. Smart Cities (SCs) have the main goal of improving the performance of cities with a vision that not only includes the citizens’ prosperity but also the sustainability of cities environmentally, socially and economically by using emerging technologies to integrate the key elements or the sub-systems of a city for effective and efficient interactions. This paper reviews the current literature on emerging technologies for SC developments in the context of smart innovation and Big Data analytics and analyses the diverse proposed architectures for SCs, such as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Event Driven Architecture (EDA), the Internet of Things (IoT) Architecture as well as the Internet of Everything (IoE) Architecture. It then proposes an improvement from the perspective of real-time Big Data analytics that characterizes SCs initiatives. The literature review is conducted in the form of a typological investigation which allows searching for useful insights into a clear-cut understanding of existing architectures for SCs and suggests areas of improvement to meet the current challenges of data-driven city systems. In highlighting the implications and the influence of emerging technologies on future cities, the paper also discusses opportunities in the real-time monitoring and analysis of streaming data from SC infrastructures using emerging technologies for Big Data analytics. Finally, the paper highlights the importance of keeping a strong focus on spatial awareness in SCs to fully address matters of sustainability.

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