Thermodynamic Properties of Cavities in Hot X-ray Plasma

M. Kiyami Erdim,Murat HÜDAVERDİ

Keywords: High energy astrophysics: galaxies: active, X-rays: galaxies

Abstract: We present X-ray wavelength analysis results of A2556 galaxy cluster. The observation was made by Chandra observatory with 20 ksec exposure time. A2556 is located in the Aquarius super cluster region with a redshift value of z=0.0871. The previous studies report the existence of possible sub-structures. We detected X-ray cavities in the hot plasma around the center of the cluster. We calculated thermo−dynamical properties of cavities to see how they affect the intra-cluster medium. Our results show that the cavities have higher metal abundance and entropy than ambient medium, which indicates that the origin of the cavities might be AGN activity.

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